Personalized Drink Menus-Have one of our talented mixologists create a signature drink menu your new alcohol launch, or just a personalized drink menu for your party.  Enjoy our exotic cocktail creations for a small menu creation fee!


Event Themes: Staff & Attire
Some events require elegant, upscale attire while others demand fun, flirty themed costumes.  Have an idea for your event, we can help you create the perfect ambience with the best staff and the correct attire.

Bar and Club Staffing
We can supply bartenders, waitresses, busboys, hosts, managers, and bottle waitresses for your club or bar.  We will work hands on with you to find the correct staff that best suits your hotspot!

Caterer/Dishware Partnerships With our extensive database, we can provide personal chefs to enhance the quality of your event.  We also have relationships with top notch caterers in NY,NJ, FL, and CA.  Glassware and dishware can also be provided by us through partnerships that we have!